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Creating a Soothing Landscape on your Property - Pond Construction
Monday, August 8th 2022, 10:35 AM

How Constructing a Pond on Your Property Creates a Soothing Landscape - Pierce Land Clearing

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Creating a Soothing Landscape for Your Property - Pond Construction

Texas is the second largest state in the US in terms of area with a rich and diverse geography. The vast expanse of land boasts almost every feature of scenic beauty possible - green pastures and grasslands, rivers, mountains, 14 distinct soil regions, and as many as 11 ecoregions. The capital city of Austin and its surrounding areas are home to some of the most vibrant landscapes including the Balcones Canyonland Preserve, home to several endangered species of wildlife. In the past few years, this area has developed a great deal, with lots of land being cleared for construction by companies like Pierce Land Clearing, an Austin-based company that also services the surrounding areas.

The region has several water bodies. Not surprisingly, it has been sometimes called the “Pond capital of the world”. There are several natural water bodies like rivers and aquifers. But Texans seem to love their water resulting in a rise in pond construction over the years. Building ponds and pools in homes and on ranches have become a fast-growing trend. There are different types of ponds with a variety of features. Koi fish, exotic plants, different types of rocks, fountains, and other landscaping designs have become popular.

Steps for Pond Construction

  • The first and most important step is to decide the purpose of the pond. Whether it is for fishing or boating or just an aesthetic addition, a water body creates a calming and soothing aura to the property. Sitting by a pond is very relaxing and gives a sense of peace.
  • Choosing the right spot to build the pond followed by site prep is the next step. The site should have the right kind of soil so that the water does not seep through, nor the walls cave in.
  • Design - should be by the surroundings and plays a big role in pond construction. Buda, Texas is an upcoming town on the outskirts of Austin and has many outdoor spaces and a large area of parkland. Buda has 13 parks consisting of breathtaking landscaping and ponds. A professional company, like Pierce Land Clearing with experience in creating outdoor spaces, will plan, design, and create beautiful outdoor spaces with expertise.
  • Aeration - ponds that have fish and aquatic plants need to be periodically aerated. Stagnant water will cause algae to form which hampers the growth of plants and reduces the oxygen in the pond. Without oxygen, fish cannot survive. An artificial pond is a mini aquatic system like a fish tank. Just like in a fish tank, where an aerator is needed to maintain the oxygen balance, a pond also requires an aerator.
  • Maintenance - after construction, it is necessary to maintain the pond as well so that it remains clean and healthy. Filters and pumps will be needed to clear debris and circulate the water to maintain the health of the pool or pond.

Why Pierce Land Clearing for Constructing Your Pond?

No job is too big or too small for Pierce Land Clearing, Austin, Texas. A fully insured company, they take pride in completing every job within the stipulated time and budget. They are top-rated and thorough professionals with the best equipment, for big and small jobs, from site prep in Buda, Texas, to forestry mulching in and around Austin, central, and north Texas. From creating a serene pool in your backyard, fed by a waterfall, to a watering hole for your cattle and livestock on your ranch or clearing an area of large rocks and boulders, every job will be tackled efficiently and with the assurance of client satisfaction. Call (254) 998-4468.

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