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Mitigating the risk of wildfires with Pierce Land Clearing, Austin, TX
Friday, June 17th 2022, 7:00 AM

Pierce Land Clearing, Austin, TX shares tips on how the risk of wildfires can be mitigated

Austin, United States - June 2, 2022 / Pierce Land Clearing /

Mitigating the risk of wildfires

Summertime is a time to enjoy the outdoors with barbeques and pool parties. But the heat coupled with the drought that Texas has been experiencing is giving grief to all. Temperatures are soaring, and the vegetation, dry due to lack of moisture, is crackling in the heat. Austin has recorded temperatures as high as 100⁰F, and several wildfires have already occurred. While it is not possible to stop these fires from happening, there are ways to minimize and mitigate the risk to life and property, and the environment. Pierce Land Clearing, Austin, TX, a professional land clearing company, is here to help!

The area around Austin has seen a spate of development over the last few years. It’s projected that the population will double in 30years. More people are coming to live here. The city is growing and is moving closer to the forest. Vast areas of land stood cleared to facilitate this growth. Parallelly, the need to protect the environment and sustain the ecology has been seen in nurturing forest preserves. With so much change and development, it has become increasingly important to take cognizance of the fire hazard that can cause disaster and destruction and take appropriate steps to reduce the risk of damage. 

Creating a clear zone to minimize fire hazard

In 2011, 7000 acres of land were destroyed, along with 57 homes, by uncontrollable wildfires. Many task forces and committees to manage disasters have formed since then. One of the ways to control the spread of a wildfire is underbrush removal to ensure that there is no fuel for the fire to feed on and grow. The region is filled with shrubs, trees, and dense vegetation that acts as fuel to an already raging fire. Dry leaves and twigs, tree stumps, bushes, and dry grass are like kindling to flint. A little spark and this highly flammable matter can destroy everything in its path in a short time. 

While building a home near a forest makes one feel close to nature, it is wise to evaluate the hazards and take the requisite steps to mitigate these hazards. Clearing a large enough area between the forest and the home of all flammable matter is a must for the safety of home and family, lowering the fire hazard considerably.  

While greenery and vegetation are needed to protect the environment from pollution and provide clean air and maintain the habitat of the indigenous animal life, keeping track of what is growing around is also important. Several plants and trees that are not native to the land are invasive species, including the mesquite tree. Mesquite removal is necessary to reduce the fire hazard as this tree multiplies very fast and uses up the soil’s nutrients, interfering with the growth of the desired fauna—a large and sturdy tree forming a canopy - an imminent fire hazard.

Professionals who take pride in keeping their clients happy

Pierce Land Clearing, Austin, TX, has made a name for itself in keeping its clients happy with its professionalism and reputation. With the latest machinery that can tackle any land clearing job, no matter how big or small it is, the expert team takes unmatched pride in every project and the client's satisfaction. Fully insured and servicing most parts of Texas and Oklahoma, call Pierce Land Clearing, Austin, TX, at (254) 998-4468 for land clearing requirements. 

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