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What Land Clearing Entails ' Everything You Need to Know
Thursday, January 6th 2022, 6:35 PM

Understanding Land Clearing Services

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Land clearing is an essential service that every homeowner with land needs. How do you know that the land clearing company you hired is ideal for the kind of help you need? One way is to ensure the service provider you are dealing with knows their work well. They must understand the procedure involved in each service they offer. This way, they can execute every service with precision and avoid obvious and costly mistakes.

Popular Services Offered by Land Clearing Companies

It is important to note that land clearing covers many other services. Typically, the land is cleared for different reasons, hence the various services. It matters whether you want to clear land for residential or commercial construction, fishing pond, rock crushing, or other purposes. Whatever the cleared land is intended for informs the service. Standard services under the land clearing umbrella include:

Rock crushing

This service deals with the crushing of rocks so they are reduced as soil. A special rock milling technique is applied to pulverize the rocks. The result is a rock-free de-compacted soil bed. Usually, you do not have to haul any material in or out, thus saving you thousands of dollars. Pierce Land Clearing services will help you achieve this in no time since they are well equipped with the necessary tools and machinery to get it done.

Pond construction

Pond construction refers to all clearing services that come before a pond is constructed. It is the process of prepping land for pond construction. It is done in a specialized way to ensure the pond will be secured in place. 

Mesquite Removal

This tree removal service uses a special plow that sinks below the ground surface. The plow hooks onto the mesquite tree, right below the trunk. This service works well for the complete removal of trees and has to be done expertly.

Tree Pile Shredding

This service entails shredding all pieces of unused wood that would typically be left behind to rot. An expert shreds the parts into tiny particles that are easy to decompose and rot. It is the best way to get rid of a pile of bush that would otherwise take ages to decompose.

Tree and Stump removal

As the name suggests, this service entails removing tree stumps probably after being cut. Special machinery is needed to get all the tree stumps out of the way in preparation for land use.

Fence and Utility Rows

This is one of the initial steps that any land developer undertakes to prepare land for development. It involves clearing the area where the perimeter wall will be built. It also covers clearing areas that need to be used for the utility.

Construction site prep

This is a service that involves preparing land for site use. Site preparation can be overwhelming and as detailed as possible, depending on what you need to do. You need to work with an expert that understands the specific details required to clear land for a particular use.

Right-of-Way Clearing

This means clearing land to make way for or a road. It needs specific skills since you are not clearing the whole path. Work with a specialist.

Forestry Service

This involves clearing forest land for specific use. It covers forestry mulching by using a special forestry mulcher, making it easy to clear forest land at half the cost. No hauling or burning is needed as the mulch covers all potential bare lands, thus saving you a lot of cash. You must opt for the less intensive Underbrush removal if you are not interested in scrapping the land underneath.

Cost of Clearing Land

Most of the land clearing process is expensive and work-intensive. You may have to spend a lot of money achieving desired results if you choose to do this alone. However, the cost can be significantly reduced with the proper support, such as the one you get from Pierce Land Clearing. Contact them on (254) 998-4468, or visit them at 900 BANISTER LN APT G, AUSTIN TX 78704-8110. Alternatively, send an email to support@piercelandclearing.com for more details.

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